A Mediterranean Restaurant Franchise That Celebrates Greek Food and Culture.

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More Greek Food. More Greek Wine. More Greek Fun.

A visit to an Acropolis Greek Taverna is a chance for your guests to engage all their senses with an authentic Greek experience.

Your menu will boast traditional favorites as well as innovative, infused flavors. See the entire menu here.

You can serve health-minded guests who will appreciate clean, freshly prepared, healthier dishes.

You can offer full bar service, including an array of Greek wine selections.

You can impress your guests with breathtaking entertainment!

Your restaurant will be filled with energy each time your guests visit. Imagine owning and authentic Mediterranean restaurant franchise, creating a dining destination in your local area, and offering something for everyone.

Draw Guests In. Keep Them Coming Back.

Nothing goes better with freshly prepared, Greek food and hospitality than traditional Greek entertainment! Your guests can enjoy watching belly dancing, plate breaking, or napkin throwing, and sharing hookah at the bar. Your restaurant will feature 4,000 to 4,500 square feet of pure Greek energy, including dining, bar, terrace and entertainment areas.

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The timing and opportunity to own an Acropolis Greek Taverna franchise couldn’t be better! Our ideal qualified Franchise Owner candidates should have:

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