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Be a Part of a Growing Industry with Your Own Acropolis Greek Taverna Full-Service Restaurant Franchise.

Greek Food Taps into Healthier Lifestyle Trends.  At Acropolis Greek Taverna, we’ve created a fun place for our guests to eat, drink and gather for a great time, and we’ve done it with the freshest ingredients to meet the demand of consumers looking for healthier, higher-quality food.

Right On Trend

Special occasion dining, heritage cooking, destination location restaurants, and kind staff, are all projected as upcoming food trends restaurant goers want.

Greek Food Meets Market Demand

93 percent of consumers want to eat healthy at least some of the time, with 63 percent trying to eat healthy most or all the time.

“It’s not just about the food, but also about the atmosphere, the culture, about …experiencing something fun and memorable. Millennials are so much more health conscious and savor cuisines that are less meat heavy, and they love to discover new cultures. This can happen easily through a cuisine, and once they discover something new, they share it with everyone they know.”
– George Mihaila, Chef’s Pencil

Need More Reasons to Join Acropolis Greek Taverna?

We’ve created a dining experience consisting of authentic, freshly prepared Greek food, appealing entertainment, and a staff as friendly as you’ll find anywhere. Come join us as we provide quality food and memorable experiences to every guest we greet.

Learn from a team with decades of restaurant and franchising experience

Leverage multiple revenue streams: food and drinks across multiple dayparts, catering and delivery, special events, and more

Operate an exciting full-service restaurant franchise concept that offers something for everyone, in your own protected territory

This is the Time to Bring People Together

Consumers are looking for destination locations to create memories with friends and family. If you are a restaurateur, or business professional with a partner experienced in the foodservice industry, we invite you to connect with our team.